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News Release: Liberal Approach to Economy Doing Further Harm and Stalling Job Creation

Liberal Approach to Economy Doing Further Harm and Stalling Job Creation


February 5th, 2016

Ottawa, ON – Canadian families are being hurt by Liberal economic policies that are making it tougher for them to keep working or replace jobs they’ve lost, said the Conservative Party Deputy Critic for Employment, Workforce Development and Labour, John Barlow today.

“Justin Trudeau’s plan for jobs and growth is not only not working, it’s making things worse,” said Barlow. “Unemployment is increasing and Canadian families are worried about their jobs. Unfortunately this Prime Minister has failed to put forward a plan that will actually benefit Canadians right now.”

Statistics Canada’s latest Labour Force Survey shows that unemployment is now on the rise in Canada. In January alone Alberta lost 10,000 jobs, pushing the national unemployment rate to 7.2%.

“Unemployment in Alberta is at a 20 year high and now sits above the national average. We hope this will show Justin Trudeau that there is a pressing need for him to come up with a concrete plan for workers in the natural resource industry,” said Barlow. “The Liberal Party’s record of dismissing our country’s energy sector is alarming and shows disregard for Canadian families who depend on its success. The Liberals have done nothing but pile on additional costs, processes and uncertainty on a struggling industry, and are putting a further burden on already-strained workers.”

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