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Liberals reject calls to study carbon tax impact on struggling natural resources sector

Liberals reject calls to study carbon tax impact on struggling natural resources sector

Ottawa- Yesterday, Liberal members of the Standing Committee on Natural Resources rejected a motion introduced by Mark Strahl, Official Opposition Critic for Natural Resources to study the impact the Liberal government’s carbon tax scheme. Conservatives on the committee are deeply concerned with the detrimental impact the tax would have on the country’s already struggling natural resources sector.

“Over 100,000 energy workers have lost their jobs under this Liberal government, and now we see members of that government continue to turn their backs on workers and their families as they refuse to study the impact a carbon tax would have,” said Strahl.

“When tens of thousands of Canadians are losing their jobs, Canadians deserve due diligence from their elected officials before implementing a new tax scheme,” said Foothills MP John Barlow. “Our Conservative Party will be the only party to stand up for Canadian workers and jobs.”

As part of the study, Strahl’s motion called for department officials from Natural Resources Canada to answer questions on what analysis has been completed by the government on the economic impact of this carbon tax.

“This Prime Minister is dictating to Canadians and forcing a tax on them without any consultation or negotiation with the provinces. This harmful cash-grab will disproportionately hurt remote, rural and northern communities, including my constituents in Lakeland,” said Lakeland MP Shannon Stubbs. “As elected representatives, it is our duty to ascertain the economic impacts of policies this government puts in place. I’m disappointed the Liberal and NDP members of the committee felt that due diligence did not fit into their timeline.”


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