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Liberal’s Plan to Tax Employer Health and Dental Plans

As you know, the Liberals are considering taxing employer health and dental plans as part of their review of federal tax expenditures. That would make the value of these plans taxable income for Canadian employees, raising their taxes and making employers less likely to offer the plans. According to the Department of Finance, the current program costs the government $2.9 billion in forgone revenue and lowers the tax bills of 13.5 million Canadian.

Justin Trudeau has enjoyed claiming that he’s reduced taxes, but he has continued piling new taxes onto Canadian families. This is yet another tax hike that takes money out of the pockets of millions Canadians to pay for reckless Liberal spending.

Justin Trudeau wants to bring in a new Health Care and Dental Benefit tax that will cost you $1,000+ more in tax every year. If both parents work, the new tax will double for your family. Justin Trudeau’s out-of-control spending is making life more expensive for Canadians.

Since entering office, the Liberals have raised taxes on personal savings, sports and music lessons, energy and payrolls – now they want to tax Canadians for their health care too. He is bringing in a new carbon tax and a CPP tax hike. He already slashed tax-free savings accounts, and eliminated tax credits for kids’ soccer and dance classes, as well as textbooks. Now he’s thinking about taxing health and dental plans too.

Canadian workers who get these benefits will pay hundreds of dollars more per year in tax, and many will lose them entirely – a similar tax in Quebec saw 20% of employers drop their coverage, putting pressure on the public health system.

It’s time for Justin Trudeau to get serious about lowering taxes, especially as Donald Trump moves forward on a massive tax-cutting program in the United States. The Conservatives are calling on the Liberals NOT to raise this tax or any others in the upcoming federal budget.

At a time of reckless Liberal spending and mounting deficits, the Conservative Party is the only party that can be counted on to stand up for taxpayers in Ottawa.