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Costly Liberal budget 2023

After 8 years of incompetence, Canadians have lost trust in this Liberal government to put the public’s needs above their own. Budget 2023 is yet another example of the devastating impact the Prime Minister’s out-of-control spending has on Canadian livelihoods. On March 28, 2023, this Liberal government presented a tax and spend budget, including a massive $43 billion deficit. The spending spree includes higher taxes feeding inflation and suffocating debt. 

Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland continue to disregard the cost of living crisis and the tenuous financial situation facing Canadians. 

As the inflation rate in our country skyrockets, Canadians are left with an impossible cost of living. It is anticipated that 60% more Canadians per month will turn to food banks to feed their families in 2023 as opposed to 2022. Everyday goods have seen an unimaginable rise in cost, pasta is up 23%, lettuce is up 20% and apples are up 16%. As Liberals spend the cupboards dry with this irresponsible budget, Canadians are left struggling to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. 

After our push for the Liberal-NDP coalition to cancel the carbon tax hike and no new taxes to make life more affordable for Canadians, the Liberals introduced more deficit spending which will fan the inflationary flames. On April 1, the Liberals will hike the carbon tax again resulting in higher costs of food production and higher food costs for Canadian families. The real consequences of this government’s carbon tax will rob hard working Canadians of their hard-earned pay cheques. 

Our powerful and successful energy and agriculture sectors are critical for this country’s economic future. They have the ability to be global powerhouses, geopolitical tools and bring economic prosperity to communities across the country. Canada has a wealth of resources and some of the best producers in the world, however, once again these Liberals have failed to harness the potential of Canada. The outrageous tax increases on pay cheques and small businesses and bureaucratic red tape in this budget put us further into debt and makes us less competitive. 

This Liberal government should be focusing on the promotion of Canadian businesses, allowing them to do what they do best without increasing taxes and implementing unnecessary red tape and restrictions.

It is evident more now than ever this Liberal government will continue to waste Canadians’ money, fuel skyrocketing inflation and national debt. We need to focus on improving the cost of living, solving the housing crisis and unleashing our agriculture and energy sectors.

It is evident in Budget 2023, under the authority of this Liberal government, the cost to Canadians will only climb.”