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Auditor General Spring 2019 report on Call Centres

This week, the Auditor General tabled his Spring 2019 Reports. The report found millions of callers could not reach an agent between the 2017-18 investigation period. The call centres included Employment Insurance; Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security; Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Canadians rely on government services, such as these call centres, to obtain the information they need to make time-sensitive, important decisions. The Liberal government’s failure to provide assistance to 8 million Canadians who had questions about essential government services like EI, CPP and OAS, is categorically deplorable.

The Auditor General Reports further show Trudeau has no plan to fix these problems. Years after the federal government started to plan the modernization and improvement of its 221 call centres, 213 call centres still have no plan, timeline or allocated resources for modernization.

As a result, Canadians will continue to be the victims of the failed Liberal leadership required to get the job done.

As Member of Parliament for Foothills, my office provides constituency services to residents. If you are facing long wait times or experiencing issues getting through to these call centres, know you can rely on my office to assist you.

Trudeau needs to outline a clear plan to address the many concerns laid out in the Auditor General’s report and provide the accessible and timely service Canadians expect and deserve.