Trudeau's carbon tax is devastating our Canadian farmers. Click here to stand up for farmers!

View from the Hill

Conservatives are holding the Liberal government to account and in doing so have achieved some major wins for Canadians.

As a result of work done by the Conservative team, who engaged with stakeholders impacted by potentially devastating policy, the Liberals have been forced to backdown on bad legislation. For example, Prime Minister Trudeau has had to press pause on expanding access to Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) and repeal harmful Liberal amendments to the non-sensical hunting rifle ban.

In addition, a Conservative bill to remove the carbon tax on propane and natural gas for vital farming practices such heating and cooling barns and grain drying has almost passed all stages in the House of Commons. 

When the Liberals proposed their last-minute amendments to Bill C-21 to ban hunting rifles and shotguns, many Albertans and Canadians spoke up. It was the Conservatives who listened and brought these concerns to the House to stop the Liberals from moving forward. We forced the Liberals to withdraw their hunting rifle ban because we know attacking law-abiding firearms owners and hunters will not address the rise in violent crime. After eight years of this Liberal government violent crime in Canada is up 32% with nonsensical policies like dismantling our bail system and eliminating mandatory minimum sentences on many violent crimes, including firearms.

Conservatives will continue to stand up and defend the rights of hunters, farmers, and Indigenous peoples against Liberal overreach and their ineffective policies. Furthermore, when Trudeau goes after legal firearms again, make no mistake he will, Conservatives will again stand strong. 

Since it was first introduced, Conservatives have vehemently opposed their flawed expansion to MAiD legislation to include vulnerable Canadians suffering with mental health issues. The Liberals are now delaying this reckless expansion, for the meantime. However, we are committed to staying focused, working with advocacy groups in mental health and disability communities, and ensuring the Liberals put resources and safeguards in place to ensure Canadians can access the support services they need rather than choosing assisted death. I will continue to work to ensure the Liberals see the dangerous slippery slope.

I am as well very proud of my Conservatives colleague, MP Ben Lobb, as his private member’s Bill C-234 has the support of all the opposition parties, including the NDP and Green Members. This Conservative Bill, which I have proudly seconded and helped champion through the House of Commons, is critical for Canadian agriculture and food prices as it would remove the carbon tax from propane and natural gas on farms. I look forward to this Bill passing the House of Commons as it corners it’s final stage, and will proceed to the Senate before becoming law.

For the last eight years, this out of touch Liberal government has proven to be incompetent and unethical, leading more and more people to feel that Canada is broken. On the other hand, Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives are the hope on the horizon. I am proud to say we have been an extremely effective opposition in holding Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government accountable for their damaging policies.

Conservatives are committed to fighting the Liberal’s tax hikes, inflationary spending and cost-of-living crisis with common-sense and effective policies.

I can feel Canadians are excited to see what a strong, competent Conservative government can accomplish because they are seeing the Official Opposition stand up for what is important to them – cost-of-living, safe communities and the economy. Think about what the Poilievre Conservatives will be able to do for Canadians as the governing party.