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Toward a Safer Alberta – AB Rural Crime Task Force Report

Nearly one year ago, Conservative Members of Parliament representing constituencies across Alberta formed a dedicated Task Force to address the growing issue of rural crime.

Over the last 12 months, these MPs have met with constituents, community groups, provincial representatives and law enforcement professionals.

Our federal task force has completed a report, compiling what we heard from town halls held throughout Alberta and finalized a list of recommendations that has been submitted to the federal and provincial governments. The recommendations include a number of important steps including improved connections, communications and resources for programs like Citizens on Patrol and Rural Crime Watch.

This report summarizes the findings of these meetings and the associated work of the CPC-MP Rural Crime Task Force and UCP MLAs. It recognizes the dynamic and changing needs of rural Alberta communities related to crime and safety while capturing strong public sentiment and expert information on issues related to rural crime in Alberta. The report also examines the sufficiency of the current process of crime statistics reporting and offers recommendations at local, provincial and federal levels as to how that can be improved. The reflections, opportunities and observations in this report reflect the consensus view of those consulted, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the CPC-MP RCTF.

I appreciate everyone taking the time to include your observations and recommendations on the current situation.


The report can be downloaded here.