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The Office Of The Auditor General Confirms Liberal Government Doesn’t Have An Environment Plan

May 8, 2024

Ottawa, ON – John Barlow, Conservative Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Agri-Food and Food Security, and Associate Shadow Ministers for Agriculture, Agri-Food and Food Security, Richard Lehoux and Warren Steinley, released the following statement on the Office of the Auditor General’s report from the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development:

“After nine years of Trudeau, all the NDP-Liberal government has is a tax plan, not an environmental plan. While our farmers struggle and food prices continue to rise, the NDP-Liberal government is more concerned with their activist-driven agenda that hurts our proud Canadian farmers who feed us and the world.

“The scathing report from The Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development highlights how Trudeau’s government implemented Agriculture programs and policies without proper consultation, incomplete measurement, and without a clear plan. The report also shows that Trudeau’s Agriculture Department achieved less than 2% of its 2030 overall greenhouse gas reduction target.

“The Commissioner also heavily criticized the Trudeau government for its failure to consult with our farmers and producers before establishing their ban on fertilizer. Common sense Conservatives warned that Trudeau’s fertilizer ban would cost our economy around $48 billion by 2030, and add more hurt to our farmers and drive up food costs, yet the Liberal government ignored warnings from us and our farmers and did it anyway.

“Trudeau’s activist government clearly has one goal, and that is to hurt Canadian farmers and shut down our industries while driving up the cost of food, fuel, and everything else on Canadian families.

“Our Canadian farm families set the gold standard in efficiency, innovation, and sustainability. Instead of moving out of the way to let our farmers do what they do best, the Trudeau-NDP government gutted Common Sense Bill C-234 which would have removed the carbon tax from our food producers, and they smother our farmers with punitive regulations and red tape which continues to drive up the cost of food for all Canadians. Trudeau’s activist agenda is not worth the cost.

“Our world-class farmers deserve a common sense Conservative government that supports them. Common sense Conservatives will axe the tax for all Canadians and get out of the way to allow our farmers to proudly produce the food that feeds our families.”