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Thank you, Foothills!


I am extremely honoured residents of Foothills have elected me once again to serve as their Member of Parliament for our constituency. Each day I work hard to retain your trust and confidence and Foothills is always my first priority. It has been a pleasure to serve as your MP since 2014, and I am delighted you continue to entrust in me the privilege to represent you in the 43rd Parliament.

To the many wonderful volunteers who helped on my campaign, whether you pounded the pavement knocking on doors, installed lawn signs, or phone calling, you made your voice heard and you made a difference. For your time, your support and your contributions I am truly grateful.

We battled fiercely because we love this country deeply and we care so strongly about the future of our community.

There are many challenges facing us in the weeks and months ahead. It will be a long road on the path before us, but I am dedicated and ready for the hard work. I will enthusiastically represent the voice of my constituents in Ottawa and stand up for our communities.

We ran this campaign on the principle of helping Canadians get ahead and keeping more money in your pockets. I will serve with that same commitment to you. I will continue to be a champion, a voice, an advocate for our communities and Albertan way of life.

We have the ability to ensure economic prosperity for all Canadians across this country, from Newfoundland to British Columbia to northern Canada and to Indigenous communities in between.

Every single Canadian depends on what our natural resource sector can provide: proper health care, proper social safety systems and the ability to look after the most vulnerable in our society, including Indigenous communities, which have prospered in the past as a result of Canada’s success. That success is not just economic. It is our success from an environmental standpoint, to make sure we extract, ship and export our product in an environmentally sustainable manner. It is our success from an environmental, economic and world development perspective when we export technology and human resources to assist other countries in lowering emissions to affect a global reduction. We have an incredible success story to tell.

And we will.

I look forward to continuing to work for you as your federal Member of Parliament, to restore jobs and prosperity to Foothills and to making it once again a place where people of all ages can count on a future and get ahead. I am more driven, more passionate, and more committed than ever to defend the rights of the constituents of Foothills and stand up for our rural lifestyle, our energy sector, agriculture and our small business owners.