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Statement regarding Trans Mountain Expansion project


John Barlow, Member of Parliament for Foothills Alberta, issued to the following statement following Kinder Morgan’s announcement of the suspension of non-essential spending on Trans Mountain Expansion Project:


The Trans Mountain pipeline is a lifeline for Alberta, but also essential for our country and for our economy.

“Now more than ever, Canada needs a Prime Minister who will fight for the National interest, for the TransMountain pipeline, rather than think only of his own personal interest.

“The Liberal’s egregious climate-change policies have created unfair burdens on Western crude producers. Meanwhile, refineries in Quebec and New Brunswick import foreign oil from countries like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia that have no environmental regulations against them.

“Strong environmental standards and ethically produced oil and gas speak for itself. As a country we should be touting this on the world stage, not fighting it in our own backyard.

“For months Conservatives have been asking Justin Trudeau to step up and take control of this National issue. He needs to outline the definitive action the Liberals will take to ensure this pipeline is built. The economic stability of Canada is depending on it.”