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Speech from the Throne

After six weeks of Justin Trudeau’s post-election vacation and so-called consultations, Canadians expected to see a Liberal government that had learned from the disastrous mistakes of its past. Instead, they got more of the same from a Prime Minister who prefers platitudes over actual plans. Trudeau proved he has not listened to Canadians and he has not learned a thing.

I am deeply disappointed in the Throne Speech. In fact, what was not included in the speech is more telling as it offered a clear indication of what sectors are not priorities for this Liberal government.

For instance, there was not a single word about agriculture or the crisis this sector is facing. The Throne Speech made no mention of standing up for Canadian farmers, miners or our forestry workers.

It also failed to mention the important role a National Energy Corridor would play to help get our resources to market and unite our country. In fact, it did not mention oil and gas at all, not one mention of pipelines and the vital role they play in Canada’s economy today and into the future. Nor did the speech offer any support for our energy workers – such as completing TMX or repealing Bills C-69 and C-48. Finally, with economic clouds on the horizon, there is no plan to balance the budget and no plan to restore ethics and accountability to government.

Our Conservative message to Canadians is simple. There is still a party in Canada that is fighting for you. There is still a party in Canada that believes in putting your needs ahead of its own. There is still a party that hasn’t given up on the idea Canada is stronger when we work together.

My job is to serve the constituents of Foothills, and to fight for a government that serves families in southern Alberta and across Canada.