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Scheer Wins Conservative Leadership

It was a critical choice to ensure we remained united, strong, and focused on the common goal.

On May 27, members of the Conservative Party of Canada made the best choice in electing Saskatchewan Member of Parliament Andrew Scheer, as the new leader of the party.

In what was a painstakingly close campaign, Scheer made a remarkable comeback, and overtook Quebec MP Maxime Bernier to become the leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. It will be Andrew Scheer who will lead the Conservatives into the 2019 general election.

This was a critical choice, and I believe the right one, as Scheer will ensure unity within the 99-member Conservative caucus. Our battle-tested team, and our members, must be united on challenging the free-spending, out-of-touch Liberals, and not fighting amongst ourselves over issues that historically divide us.

Scheer is championing solid conservative policies, such as fiscal prudence, balanced budgets, tax cuts, standing up for our resource sector, and supporting our men and women in uniform. These are policies which helped put Canada on strong financial footing under former Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Policies, which not only appealed to our Conservative base, but also to a broad range of Canadians, which is vital if we want to attract new supporters, and win in 2019.

Just halfway through their mandate, the Liberals have burdened future generations with massive deficits, put forward a disastrous energy policy, and seem more concerned with keeping the Prime Minister’s global celebrity status instead of addressing important issues that matter to hard-working Canadian families. In the words of his own Finance department, the Liberal government is “putting Canada’s finances on shaky ground.”

Our children and grandchildren cannot afford more deficit, they could be facing a $1.2 trillion deficit by 2050, as a result of Trudeau’s unprecedented callous spending.

As Conservatives, we offer a viable alternative. We must offer Canadians a government in waiting, presenting real policies which will:

• Get Canada’s energy workers back on the job;
• Leave more money in Canadians’ pockets by cutting taxes such as the carbon, and payroll taxes;
• Re-establish our status as a global defender of human rights, by standing with our allies in the fight against radical terrorism;
• Protect free speech;
• Defend our borders;
• Provide tangible support for those who are most vulnerable in our society.

We must also provide a sound platform which protects our environment, without sacrificing our economy. We must do a much better job communicating with young voters who need to understand the impacts of deficit spending, and the benefits of conservative economic policies, which lift our most vulnerable out of poverty with low taxes and job growth.

The conduit of this message is a leader who personifies strong Conservative policies, but presents them in a positive, aspirational manner, which will inspire, and energize Canadians. We need a real leader who is authentic, of impeccable character, and someone to whom every Canadian can relate.

That leader is Andrew Scheer.

I am extremely proud to have supported Andrew’s leadership campaign from the beginning. I was confident in Andrew from the outset, but my faith in him has only grown throughout the campaign. I watched as he and his wife Jill, handled themselves with the utmost integrity, and remained positive throughout the gruelling campaign.

There were some outstanding leadership candidates in the race, which speaks to the depth of our caucus, and Conservative team.

Interim leader Rona Ambrose was exceptional, and I thank her for doing an incredible job. As a result of her work, Andrew Scheer is taking over a united, focused, and tested team.

With Andrew Scheer at the helm, and a leadership group including Maxime Bernier, Erin O’Toole, and Lisa Raitt, we are poised to offer Canadians the policies, ideas, and tone they are seeking in a government. After an arrogant Liberal government mired in deficits, scandals, and broken promises; in 2019 Canadians will be ready for a government committed to standing up for them, and their best interests, at home and abroad.