Virtual Tour of Parliament of Canada

Each year, over 400,000 people tour the Parliament buildings in Ottawa, including many of my constituents from Macleod. However, since many people are unable to visit Ottawa in person, I am delighted to welcome you to this Online Tour of Parliament. Designed by MP David Anderson’s staff using Google’s Street View technology, this resource now enables you to take an online guided tour of Centre Block – the heart of Canada’s Parliament buildings.


Take the Tour

To view the Online Tour of Parliament, click here and click on the “Take the Tour” tab. There you will find a list of 25 tour stops which include all the points of interest included in the live tours, plus a number of locations that are not. By clicking on each tour stop, you will learn about the function, history and architecture of Canada’s Parliament as they are guided through Centre Block.

In addition, you will also find an “Explore” tab where you can navigate directly to the most well-known locations. On the “Discover” tab, you can learn about a number of interesting and lesser-known facts by following the “Did You Know…” and “Can You Find…” links.

With any of these options, you can use the Street View arrows in the center of the page to navigate on their own at any time. The small map on the bottom right shows you where you are in the Centre Block building and what direction you are facing.

Sincere thanks to MP David Anderson for letting us use this tool.

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