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Parliamentary Budget Officer reports on the Liberal budget

The Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) has released their report on the Liberal government’s 2016 federal budget. Not surprisingly, the report contains some very troubling findings.

The PBO found that the Liberals are hiding information from Canadians, while creating their own economic growth projections and exaggerating job growth expectations.

The Liberals have already broken a major campaign promise to balance the budget by the end of their mandate, and now it’s confirmed that we just can’t trust their economic forecasts either. We can only assume that this whole time, their budget costing has been a wild illusion. It’s clear their inflated figures about how many jobs their reckless spending would create are way off base.

Conservatives know that Canadians need a real jobs plan, not a plan that raises taxes on families, young Canadians and small businesses. We’ll continue to push the Liberals to help hard-working Canadians get back to work, while keeping taxes low and spending in check.

Whether managing Canada’s economy, governing ethically, supporting Canada’s military or representing Canada on the international stage, the Liberal record of failures and broken promises speaks for itself.

• Created jobs: During the worst economic downturn since the Great Recession, Canada had the best job creation and economic growth record among G7 countries.
• Lowered taxes: We reduced taxes to their lowest point in 50 years, with a typical family of four saving almost $7000 per year.
• Balanced budgets: After running a targeted stimulus program that created and maintained approximately 200,000 jobs, we kept our promise to balance the budget and left the Liberals with a surplus.