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NDP-Liberal Government Attacks Our Youth In Agriculture

May 23, 2024

Ottawa, ON – John Barlow, Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Agri-Food and Food Security released the following statement after the Trudeau government approved cuts to 4-H Canada:

“After nine years of Trudeau, it is clear that he and his Liberal Government don’t care about our farmers and producers. From their punishing carbon tax to their draconian fertilizer ban and regulatory changes, and now a slap in the face to our youth in agriculture, Trudeau is continuing his nine-year-long attack on our farmers and producers.

“4-H in Canada has recently celebrated its 111th year educating young farmers and Canadians on where our food comes from. Instead of celebrating this beloved organization and longstanding figure in our agrarian heritage, Trudeau is once again snubbing our agricultural industry and our heritage. 

“The 4-H program is a pillar within our incredible agriculture and agri-food industries promoting the strength and sustainability of modern Canadian food production and has a legacy for developing future leaders not just in agriculture, but in business and community. In rural and urban communities alike, 4-H plays a significant role in the lives of more than 17,000 youth and nearly 7,000 volunteer leaders, providing positive youth development and developing important life skills like public speaking, leadership, responsibility and hard work.

“But none of that matters to Trudeau. His activist Liberal government refuses to support the future generation of proud farmers who will stand against his carbon taxes and bans and stand up for our farming future.

“After nine years of Trudeau, he has taxed Canadians and farmers to death, and his spending and waste have driven up inflation and interest rates to historic highs. Canada now spends more on interest payments for Trudeau’s national debt than the federal health transfer. Trudeau is not worth the cost to Canadians, and he is not worth the misery he has caused our proud farmers and producers who feed us and the world.

“Common sense Conservatives are the only party standing by our farmers. Our farmers produce the highest quality food to the highest standard of sustainability and stewardship. We will axe Trudeau’s carbon tax, reverse Liberal cuts to 4-H Canada and end his attacks on our farmers who proudly feed us and the world.”


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