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More platitudes – MP John Barlow responds to Speech from the Throne

Last week’s Speech from the Throne by the Liberal government lacked substance and strategy for economic recovery including a vision for Canadian energy and agriculture.

Trudeau’s political priorities outlined in the Throne Speech do nothing for Alberta families worried about the cost-of-living, which is driving up the cost of everyday essentials like groceries, gas, and housing. The speech failed to address accountability, failed to champion Canadian agriculture and Canadian energy, failed to have any foundation of fiscal responsibility, and did not address the skyrocketing cost of living for Canadians.

There was no direct mention of food insecurity; the labour shortage in the agriculture and agri-food industry; there were no steps to lower food costs or protect Canada’s agriculture supply chain and had no indication of how this Liberal government would deal with rising inflation.

All we heard were more platitudes.

Farmers and rural Canadians are once again being left behind by this Liberal Government. About 90% of Canadian farmers and 40% of processors in Canada depend directly on the export market. They asked for better allocation of federal agricultural spending in respect of protecting, enhancing, and expanding those export markets. However, agricultural trade seems to be an afterthought for this Government.

This is not political rhetoric. Agriculture was not mentioned in the Throne Speech, which clearly demonstrates this vital sector is not a Liberal priority. It’s clear farmers and producers in Alberta – and across Canada – are not a concern for Justin Trudeau.

Not only was agriculture not included in Trudeaus’ economic plan, but another of the largest industries in Alberta, energy, was not included either. Canadian energy workers, people who have made a career in the oil and gas sector, have given up hope. These people are proud of the work they do, including the world-class environmental standards they work hard to preserve each and every day. Their contributions to Canada’s economy were not recognized. They need champions, yet unfortunately, the Throne Speech does not acknowledge the important role Canadian energy should play as part of Canada’s economic recovery.

Instead, we have seen a Liberal government state its intention to phase out the energy sector, despite the fact oil and gas companies invest in renewable energy and invest in their people.

I am a proud Albertan and a proud Canadian. I do not want to see our country divided, but Albertans are rightly fed up with being disregarded by the Trudeau Liberals. Alberta is simply looking for respect within Confederation, respect we deserve for our contributions to Canada in the past, today and certainly in the future.

There is an entire province right now being neglected. We are not asking for a handout. We want to once again be the economic engine of this country, continue to develop our natural resources under the most ethical standards in the world, empower our entrepreneurship and export our world-class technology, agricultural commodities and skillsets around the globe.

Liberals instead should be focused on getting inflation under control, supporting farmers and food processors, lower prices, and make life more affordable for families.
Too many political games are being played by the Liberals, and their Throne Speech was far removed from the real hardships facing real people.

There is absolutely nothing concrete in this Throne Speech to address these real concerns faced by Canadians, showing just how out of touch this Liberal government is with hardworking Canadian families.

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