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Liberal budget raises taxes with no plan to create jobs

The Liberal government 2016 federal budget, is a nightmare scenario for taxpayers who will be forced to pick up the tab for their out-of-control spending spree.

Even though it includes billions in borrowing, something is blatantly missing – a strong plan to create the well-paying jobs our country so desperately needs.

Their original election promise to borrow a “modest” $10 billion dollars per year has been blown out of the water. The Liberal budget includes billions in borrowing this year alone.

The fact is the Liberals are borrowing way too much from Canadian families. What’s borrowed has to be paid back. Unfortunately, it’s a debt that will fall on future generations. In the meantime, we’re already seeing tax hikes on families, youth and small business, and we can be assured taxes will continue to rise.

With some Canadian industries in trouble, Canadians can’t afford to have their pockets emptied any further. Conservatives will demand a real plan to create the jobs we need. We will push the Liberals to keep spending in check. And we’ll fight to keep money in your pocket at every turn.

• Created jobs: During the worst economic downturn since the Great Recession, Canada had the best job creation and economic growth record among G7 countries.
• Lowered taxes: We reduced taxes to their lowest point in 50 years, with a typical family of four saving almost $7000 per year.
• Balanced budgets: After running a targeted stimulus program that created and maintained approximately 200,000 jobs, we kept our promise to balance the budget and left the Liberals with a surplus.


• Increasing taxes: Budget 2016 increased taxes on Canadian families and small businesses by:
o Cancelling the Children`s Fitness Tax Credit;
o Cancelling the Children`s Art Tax Credit;
o Keeping the small businesses tax rate at 10.5% instead of lowering it to the scheduled 9%; and
o Ending the hiring credit for small businesses.

• Deficit Spending: Despite not being in a recession, the Liberals are borrowing billions of dollars and plunging the country into deficit to pay for their out-of-control spending.