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John’s message on COVID-19


John’s Message on COVID-19

Over the past number of weeks, we have all heard about the spread of the COVID-19 virus around the world. The virus has been a topic of great discussion in parliament, and all MPs have been briefed on the situation at hand.

Here in Alberta, the government has been coordinating with local health agencies to ensure they are prepared for cases that may arrive at their doors, including here in Foothills.

The health and safety of everyone in Foothills are my top priorities. I have been in the office every day fielding calls from constituents and small business owners who have questions about financial assistance, travel and employment insurance.

I will remain available and share the information as we receive it from the Government of Canada. We have submitted our suggestions and recommendations to the government. Members of Parliament may be recalled to Ottawa to pass financial aid legislation, but we will keep Foothills constituents apprised of any programs available to assist you through this time.

For now, the House of Commons has adjourned until April 20 – this allows me to remain in Foothills with my full focus on residents.

With empty store shelves, long lines and general anxiety all around I urge constituents not to panic. There will be plenty of food available not just for days but for months ahead. Please do not panic, and think of your neighbour before you take more than you need. Any chance you have please support your local businesses who will be struggling during this time.

There are many questions about Provincial and Federal government responses to this outbreak, protections for businesses, support for Canadians abroad and travel restrictions. This information is rapidly changing and there is also quite a bit of misinformation circulating. For accurate information please rely on official sources and double-check official websites of the town, province, and official Federal government sites.

I have provided links and information on a dedicated COVID-19 Updates page, please feel free to share this with your friends and family.

I want to take this opportunity to extend my sincerest thank-you to all of our healthcare professionals and front-line care workers. I want to thank you for the work you will be called upon to do as we get through Covid-19 virus together. At a time when Canadians are being told to exercise social distancing, our healthcare workers are showing up to work, ready and eager to provide the necessary support to patients – because you want to help people in their time of need. Also, thank you to our business owners, workers at grocery stores, drug stores and all the volunteer groups who have formed through this trying time. Your dedication and assistance have been incredible for our communities.

I say this on their behalf everyone in Foothills, and across Canada: thank you for what you’ve done, and thank you for what you are about to do.