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End of Spring Session


End of Spring Session

We have reached yet another end to our Parliamentary session. Looking back, I am proud to say that Canada’s Conservatives have worked hard on behalf of families across Canada. Our team was united and strong while we held Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government to account for their failures.

I am excited for the summer in Foothills – to spend time with my family, and have the chance to catch up with my constituents and friends.

I also know that families, workers and communities across the country are asking for help, as Justin Trudeau’s failure continues.

Justin Trudeau’s policies have made it harder for Canadian families to make ends meet.

He promised Canadians that he would borrow a “modest” sum of $10 billion dollars per year. And yet, Canadians found out this year that he plans to add an additional $450 billion to Canada’s national debt, while running deficits until 2045.

Shockingly, the Liberal budget announced that the deficit this year is $18 billion, which is three times higher than what Justin Trudeau promised to Canadians.

And while government spending has increased by 20% over the last three years, little of it has actually gone to what he said it would. In fact, only 2% of this additional spending went into genuine infrastructure projects that would help grow the economy or create jobs.

Even worse, more than 90% of hardworking Canadians found that their taxes have increased. This doesn’t even take into account all of the other new taxes that Canadians will face like the national carbon tax, which will cost the average family more than $2,500 a year.

Unfortunately, Canadians are still left in the dark about the actual cost of this tax. Despite being asked to reveal details about the cost of the carbon tax over the last two years, the Liberal government has refused to disclose any information. They are hiding the truth.

And as if living costs weren’t high enough, Justin Trudeau recently announced that he plans to use taxpayer dollars to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline project. This decision will force Canadians to pay $4.5 billion for his failure to champion Canada’s natural resource sector.

Sadly, this is only the beginning of the hit to taxpayers.

Justin Trudeau wants Canadian families to continue paying more for everything, from electricity bills, to home heating and groceries. He wants average Canadians to bear these extra costs.

And while borrowing billions from Canadian families, he leaves future generations responsible for paying the debt.

Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have failed Canadians. They promised families that they would help them but they just keep taking more from them.

Canada’s Conservatives know that this is wrong.

We don’t want to see the Liberal debt be passed down to our children. We know that this will take away opportunities from our next generation.

This is why we are sharing our positive Conservative vision with Canadians.

One that puts people before government, and fights to create opportunities and prosperity for everyone – no matter who they are, where they live or what they do for a living.

And while the Liberal government continues to make life more expensive, we will fight for lower taxes and balanced budgets so that hard-working families have the money to save and invest for their children’s futures.

We know what it means to make sacrifices to ensure that our families have financial security. That means that Canada’s Conservatives will always put the needs of Canadian families first.

And we will make this the core of everything that we do.

Because that is who we are, and that is who we fight for.