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Conservatives Mark One Year of Liberal Failure Since Chinese Government Banned Canadian Canola





John Barlow, Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Agri-Food, Randy Hoback, Shadow Minister for International Trade, and Garnett Genuis, Shadow Minister for Canada-China Relations and Multiculturalism, released the following statement marking one year since the Chinese government banned the import of Canadian canola:


“One year ago, the Chinese government banned imports of Canada’s world class canola. Since then, under Justin Trudeau’s weak leadership, the Liberal government has failed to stand up for Canada’s canola farmers and producers.

“After China banned Canadian canola imports, Andrew Scheer took decisive action to stand up for Canada’s canola sector. Conservatives called on the Trudeau Liberals to pull Canadian funding from the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, increase inspections on all Chinese imports, and launch a complaint at the World Trade Organization.

“Unfortunately for Canada’s canola sector, it took Justin Trudeau over 120 days to launch a complaint at the World Trade Organization. This lack of action makes it clear, that Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government do not see Canada’s canola farmers and producers as a priority.

“Justin Trudeau’s weak leadership on this file has had significant consequences for Canada’s agriculture sector. According to the Canola Council of Canada, China’s ban on Canadian canola cost farmers and producers an estimated $1 billion in lost revenue. In addition to this, the Chinese government’s decision to ban imports of Canadian soybeans have hurt soybean farmers and producers across the country, with the Grain Farmers of Ontario estimating a $590 million loss in revenue. This is having a real impact on family farms that are already dealing with the ‘harvest from hell’.

“Hard working canola farmers and producers deserve a government that will fight for their interests and their businesses. Canada’s Conservatives will continue to stand up for Canada’s canola sector and call out Justin Trudeau when he fails to do so.”