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Celebrating Canadian Agriculture Day

Agriculture is intricately woven into communities large and small across Canada. As a nation, we come together today to celebrate the contributions of our farmers, ranchers and producers who put world class food on our tables.The Canadian agriculture and agri-food sectors account for more than $100 billion in economic activity every year and employ more than two million Canadians.

From every point along the value chain, Canadian agriculture is world-class, which is why the world wants more Canadian products. It’s safe, it’s affordable, and it’s delicious.

In order to help our farmers succeed, it is vital we continue to grow our international market opportunities.

Canada is the fifth largest net agri- food exporter in the world. Securing vital market access for Canada’s billion-dollar agriculture exports should be a priority when it comes to ways the government can promote and support Canadian agriculture.

Our farmers can compete with the best, but they need the tools and a level playing field to do so.

As Conservatives, we will always stand up for the reduction of red-tape and burdensome regulations against our farmers and agriculture sector.

We will continue to advocate for the removal of non-tariff trade barriers and reopening critical markets, reducing taxes and scrapping the carbon tax, improving transportation infrastructure, and supporting farmers and producers with mental health challenges.

As Conservatives, we are a champion for modern Canadian agriculture and we want to create prosperity and opportunity for this vibrant industry. We want to ensure generations to come will be able to carry on Canada’s tradition of the family farm, which has been the backbone of our country’s economic success, and rural way of life.

We encourage all Canadians to visit a local farm, learn about the food-value chain, learn about how we do it, why we do it and the families who work so hard to get your food from farm to plate.

To all our farmers, ranchers and producers, thank you for your stewardship, your passion and commitment. Thank you for feeding our families.