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Budget 2018: The Budget of Artful Deception

When the government spends money, the people have a right to know what it is to be spent on.

This year’s Liberal budget is smoke and mirrors, dressed up as artful deception.

Replete with re-announcements and back end loaded funding promises, it is perplexing to comprehend exactly how the Liberals have dug Canada in to a deficit three times beyond first prediction, reaching an $18-billion deficit this fiscal year. Modest deficits have spiraled beyond control, and future generations will be fraught with the burden of repayment. By 2022, our children will be carrying an interest payment every year of $33 billion.

The Liberals have once again failed to develop a budget that demonstrates Canada is a leader on the world stage. Canadian businesses see no reprieve in budget 2018, meanwhile, the United States is implementing business tax breaks and luring businesses and investments away from our Canadian economy.
Budget 2018 has been dressed up with progressive words, yet it has neglected much of the core of Canada. It has forgotten families and failed to give breaks to our hardworking middle class Canadians.

For Residents in Foothills this budget has completely forgotten farmers, and neglects our agriculture sector at large.
This is extremely frustrating and disappointing for all of our rural communities not just in Alberta but across Canada. It is clear, for the Liberals Canadas rural economy is nothing more than an afterthought.

The Liberals inherited great fortune in 2015, as the previous Conservative government left a balanced budget, oil prices had doubled, a booming world economy, and a ravenous American economy buying Canadian goods.

Since the Liberals took office, the deficit is triple what they promised, and no foresight to balance the budget.

Conservatives have introduced legislation to support young families, new parents and persons with disabilities, all of whom are hurt the most by Justin Trudeau’s economic policies. We have fought the Liberals on tax increases in small businesses, farms and ranches and have championed Canada’s rural economy. We will continue to support policies that create jobs and grow our economy, including the TransMountain Pipeline and a new free trade agreement with the United Kingdom.

Canada’s agriculture sector is the best in the world, and we will continue to strongly support our farmers, ranchers, agri-businesses and rural communities.