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A Special Thank You

To the voters of Foothills, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for once again showing your confidence in me to be your voice in Parliament. I am truly honoured.

An election is not won alone, and I am grateful to the dedicated and passionate volunteers who played an integral role on our team. Many of you spent countless hours contributing to the campaign and I sincerely thank each of you for your enthusiasm and commitment.

Thank you to my family, my wife Louise, who is my rock, without whose partnership, love and incredible support I wouldn’t be standing before you today. My beautiful children, who inspire me to work harder for your future, and the Canada I want to see for you.

There is more work to do and my focus is on five key issues: unlocking the potential of our agriculture and energy sectors, which is imperative for our economic recovery; improving connectivity throughout Foothills; cracking down on rural crime while defending law-abiding firearms owners; ensuring small businesses have a competitive tax and regulatory regime; and fiscally responsible government.

Being in Opposition means we must work with other parties to advance important issues. We will continue to make a difference in a wide variety of areas for all Albertans, no matter who you voted for in the last election. We will continue to defend hard-working Albertans and demand our province is respected for our contributions to Canada and get its fair share of support and acknowledgement for our role in Confederation.

My resolve to defend Alberta, our rights and freedoms, and strive for a strong and united Canada has only become stronger.

My staff and I look forward to continuing to serve our communities and our residents.

Our challenges are many, but I will remain steadfast each day working hard to earn your support, your trust and your confidence. As always, I appreciate your ongoing support and encouragement and consider it an honour to be your elected federal representative in the House of Commons.