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2017 Liberal budget continues to nickel-and-dime Canadians

Once again, Justin Trudeau has hiked taxes on Canadian families, small businesses and students. The 2017 budget also confirms that the Prime Minister broke his promise to keep deficit spending under $10 billion for a few years before balancing the budget by 2019.

In fact, there is no plan in Budget 2017 to balance Canada’s budget at all. Instead of limiting his out-of-control spending, the Prime Minister wants to borrow billions more –$143 billion over the next six years.

Meanwhile, Budget 2017 hikes taxes on public transit users, Uber and ride sharing, beer and wine, donated medicines, child care, small business owners (incl., farmers, fishers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc.), oil and gas companies, and tourism.

This is in addition to already hiking taxes on gas and home heating, and ending tax breaks for children’s arts and sports lessons.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government’s priorities are not the priorities of ordinary hard-working Canadians. Conservatives will continue to be the voice of the taxpayer and we will not stay silent while the government nickel-and-dimes Canadians.