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2017 is more of the same from Liberal government

Coming off a year of cash-for-access scandals, out-of-control spending, and more and higher taxes, Canadians can expect much more of the same from the Liberal government in 2017.

To kick-off this New Year, Canada’s Ethics Commissioner will question the Prime Minister on his cash-for-access fundraisers where special interest groups paid for meetings to discuss government business. This is the first time in a decade that a sitting Prime Minister will be questioned for his unethical behaviour by the Ethics Commissioner.

We also can’t overlook the past year of out-of-control Liberal spending. Despite promising to return Canada’s budget to surplus by 2019, Finance Canada isn’t forecasting a return to balance until 2055. Projections show Canada’s debt will reach $1.5 trillion by 2045.

Worst still – we know the only way the government can pay this debt back is by raising taxes. The Liberals have already announced a CPP tax hike and carbon tax, and cancelled or clawed-back tax credits for families, students and small businesses. Meanwhile, the Finance Minister has made it clear he’ll be looking to eliminate more tax credits in preparation for Budget 2017.

With a new year comes yet another new Liberal tax. Canadians were recently shocked to learn the government is now considering taxing digital streaming services like Netflix.

Canadian families are already paying more and getting much less thanks to the Liberal government’s tax agenda. They’ve delivered a national carbon tax and a CPP tax hike. They rolled back Tax-Free Savings Accounts, and eliminated tax credits for kids’ sports and arts activities. They hiked taxes on small businesses. And they’re evening considering taxing Canadians’ health and dental plans.

Enough is enough. Canadians are already overtaxed thanks to the decisions by the Liberal government. Families simply can’t afford another Liberal tax hike.

My Conservative Caucus colleagues and I are proud to be the voice of the taxpayer. We will continue to stand up for Canadian families and consumers, and demand that the government abandon the Netflix Tax and work to keep taxes low for everyone.